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SalesGossip’s Student Survey

Calling all students! We want to hear all about your shopping habits. It’s a little bit nosy, we know, but here’s the deal; take a quick break from the books to fill out our student survey and you could win a year’s subscription to your favourite magazine.

Don’t be shy! Why not put the kettle on and do it now? It really only takes a couple of minutes to answer. Basically the more we get to know about you and how you shop, the better we can make the whole SalesGossip experience for you. Pinky promise, the questions are really easy. It’s just a matter of telling us how often you shop, what brands you love and how you find out about any discounts on offer. See, you’ve even got a sneak preview right there!

Let’s face it, how ever much tuition fees go up each year we all still love to shop – it just makes bagging a bargain that bit more important. That’s where SalesGossip can help. Take a look at all these sales and special offers exclusively for students before you part with any cash.



Published in Editor's Picks by Hannah Moss on January 21, 2013 - this article uses affiliate links

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