Burger Bear Banter

SalesGossip HQ is to be found right in the heart of hipster Shoreditch. With so many amazing places to shop and eat to discover around every corner it’s time to hit the streets. If you’re searching for the world’s best burger, we think we’ve found it. Meet Tom Reaney, the man behind Burger Bear (note, no bears have been harmed in the making of these burgers)…

So Tom, where can we find Burger Bear? Burger Bear is located on the Red Market site, 1-3 Rivington Street, a disused car park with graffiti, art installations and street food.

What’s your favourite thing about Shoreditch? I’ve been living in and around Shoreditch for the past 10 years and it’s come a long way. Pretty much anything goes in the ditch. Home to many of London’s up and coming fashion houses there is never a dull day here.

Best shop in Shoreditch to get a good deal? For me personally, I love TUK Store on Rivington St. It showcases young local talent and gives them a platform to build from. I also love Edwin for its Japanese denim and Present on Shoreditch High St for man things.

Best item you have bought in the sales? A Nigel Cabourn jacket from Present

Strangest dressed customer? No word of a lie, a full bear suit! And that man has Burgers for Life!

Favourite Shoreditch hangout? I love to chill at the Red Lion on Hoxton St, been a solid little boozer since I arrived in London. Hoxton Square if the sun is out, Breakfast Club for Breakfast and XoYo for the beats. In that order.

Most famous Burger Bear customer? King of Comedy – Jack Whitehall, but for me Burgerac.com the Undercover Burger Detective was a big deal! Got 5* on his BurgerApp ;-)

If Burger Bear was a person who would be their style icon? I reckon it’d be a cross between David Beckham and a NYC DJ Called DJ Nita. Two of the best dressed people for me.


How do you protect your new clothes from getting tasty burger juice on them? I get someone else to cook!

What’s next for Burger Bear? We just took over the Red Market site and are starting to build an amazing street food market. By the time the summer comes Burger Bear and Red Market will be the place to be! Also the now legendary Bacon Jam that we make is on sale from the stall or online. Come feast. You wont be disappointed.

See you for lunch!


Published in SG Talks To… by Hannah Moss on February 7, 2013 - this article uses affiliate links

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