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Celeb Chat with Caroline Corcoran

At SalesGossip we love nothing more than a good old natter about who’s wearing what in celeb land – so who better to grab for a quick chat than the queen of celebrity gossip? Caroline Corcoran is Editor of As the Mirror’s showbiz arm, this is where you’ll find all the latest celebrity news and pictures – not forgetting star style steals from SalesGossip!

So Caroline, now’s the time to name drop… tell us all about the best celebrity do you’ve ever been to?

Me and my friends pinched each other when we were on a dance floor with Girls Aloud once, but I’m the lamest member of our team – I’m the one on the sofa with a tea, while the rest of them do the partying!

We’re right in the midst of awards season at the moment, but who do you think always gets it right on the red carpet?

Michelle Williams, Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson, January Jones, and Blake Lively. I also think when Kristen Stewart gets it right, she looks amazing. The problem is that sometimes she gets it really really wrong… Brit wise, I love Caroline Flack – she totally knows her own style.

Favourite look from the awards season so far?

I think it’s Emily Blunt at the Golden Globes actually, I loved the cutaway.

Who is your ultimate style icon?

It’s normally the younger end of the spectrum who are a bit more playful with their look, rather than very ‘done’ celebs. Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, Leighton Meester, Olivia Palermo… but I’m a bit fickle, it can change with one outfit!

(L-R: Kristen Stewart getting it wrong at the premiere of Breaking Dawn, Caroline Flack at the NTAs, Emily Blunt at the Golden Globes, Taylor Swift post-Harry)

What’s the juiciest gossip you’ll find on 3am this week?

Every twist and turn in the Zayn Malik cheating accusations-scandal. We love a bit of One Direction!

What will you be shopping for this spring/summer?

Brights! I can’t wait to get back into brights. As well as that, I’m a bit obsessed with tailored trousers, with a slight crop, and statement shirts.

What trend is an absolute no no?

I tried sports luxe. Sports luxe did not work for me.

What was the last thing you bought in the sales?

As usual, I used the sales for basic-buying, so I picked up chunky knits and t-shirts from Reiss and trousers from Whistles.

Your favourite shop…

Reiss, Whistles (getting a theme…?), Miss Selfridge, and I love the sheer volume of choice at asos.

You’d splurge on…

Bags – oh, and I do…

You’d search the sales for…

It’s boring, but like I said earlier, I’ll search for quality basics that I’d buy anyway, but never want to spend money on, because they seem boring. Then save the trend stuff for new season.

You’d avoid…

Stuff I know I wouldn’t honestly have bought if it hadn’t been in the sales. I think you learn that in your mid 20s when you have wardrobes full of tat…

What’s your No.1 shopping tip?

Online, online, online. It’s presented better than sales in the shops, there’s usually better return options, and you don’t have to battle through the crowds. Wins all round.

Thanks Caroline!

For more celebrity gossip follow 3am on Twitter @3am or tweet Caroline @cgcorcoran.

Published in SG Talks To… by Hannah Moss on February 12, 2013 - this article uses affiliate links

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