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Luke Lehmann in the Hairdresser’s Hot Seat

Luke Lehmann is a London-based session stylist with over a decade’s hairdressing experience under his belt.

Luke’s scissor skills have been put to good use for the likes of Vogue, The Ecologist, The Independent and More, and he has also worked and on music videos for artists including Pixie Lott, La Roux and The Noisettes. Let’s find out more…


So Luke, what hairstyle is everyone asking you for at the moment?

Groomed, smooth, long layers for women, with natural movement – a la Kate Middleton. Boys – the 50’s smart short back and sides is a favourite – think Mad Men and David Beckham in his H&M underwear campaign.


What is going to be the next big look of 2013?

In hair everyone is still enjoying the 50’s groomed affair; in clothes a little bit more animal print…even for the lads! Hello Teddy Boys!


Which celebrity hairstyles do you love? 

I love Tilda Swinton’s beautiful ability to flick from edgy to classic and back again.


Who’s the nicest celeb you’ve styled?

I am really grateful all the celebrities I have styled have been so sweet, despite the nerves I may have had the night before!


Who’s hair would you love to do? 

I like to keep my work as varied as possible. From cutting in homeless shelters to stately homes, getting people ready for the Royal Wedding to picnic weddings, a five year old’s birthday party to guests at Nelson Mandela’s 90th…Everybody has a hairdressing story and it’s my pleasure to play my part in making them feel their best.


Any backstage gossip you can give us from Fashion Week? 

It’s super fun, but not as glam as it looks out front!


Styling can take its toll, so what would be your No. 1 haircare tip? 

The right shampoo and conditioner. And when intending to use straightening irons, smooth hair best you can with hairdryer and brush, as less damaging, and finish off with irons to complete the look – don’t rely solely on irons to do all the work.


Who is your ultimate style icon?

John Rocha was probably my first. How he is so creative, yet isn’t afraid of simple elegance. I remember seeing him on The Clothes Show when I was a child.


What was the last thing you bought in the sales, and how much did you save? 

Le Creuset cooking pot – saved £90!


What will you be shopping for this spring/summer? 

A little bit of leopard print – just a flash. A tie, a belt, a handkerchief in the jacket breast pocket. Something I can use on multiple outfits.


Which are your favourite shops/designers and why do you love them? 

Sample sales, because they are like digging for treasure!


You’d splurge on… Classics, things I’ll wear for years to come.

You’d search the sales for… Jeans and extra special everyday items I wouldn’t pay full price for.

You’d avoid… False economies – don’t buy it just because it’s on sale, you’ll end up with more than you need in your wardrobe and less than you need in the bank!


What’s your No. 1 shopping tip? 

Window shopping. Keep browsing. You are doing research, then you will know when you’re onto a winner and put your money on the table. I rarely go shopping for a particular thing, but, know what I’m after and keep my eye out.


Thanks Luke! We’ll keep you posted about all the latest sample sales. See you for a trim soon…

Published in SG Talks To… by Hannah Moss on February 26, 2013 - this article uses affiliate links

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