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A bit more about Selfridges

Voted the best department store in the world, no shopping trip is complete without paying a visit to Selfridges. Attracting shoppers from around the world, long queues of eager bargain hunters form down Oxford Street whenever there’s a sale on.

If the witty window installations don’t turn your head, then the scent from the beauty department will lure you in. Along with these innovations – both firsts in their day - the secret of Selfridges’ success is has been variety. Mixing the exclusive with the everyday Henry Gordon Selfridge once said ‘I’m prepared to sell anything from an aeroplane to a cigar.’ Whilst you might not find an aircraft on sale you can certainly spend hours wondering around the latest collections of designer clothes, cosmetics, cool toys, furniture and homeware, or stop to sample the tasty offerings in the food hall.

Never afraid to move with the times, 2010 saw the launch of the hugely popular Selfridges shoe galleries, and this year a womenswear designer gallery has followed, featuring edited collections from the world’s leading designers as well as pieces available exclusively at Selfridges.

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Monday - Saturday: 9:30am-21:00pm

Sunday: 11:30am -18:00pm

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