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A bit more about Caramel Baby & Child

Caramel Baby & Child is a luxury children's wear brand based in London. Eva Karayiannis started the company with the aim of changing peoples's minds about children's wear.

"They can spend thousands on clothes for themselves, but their children either have to wear mass-produced clothing covered in logos or expensive glitzy things, which are often impractical or anachronistic or both – and none of these is what real childhood is about. I wanted to find a modern style, which could be individual – even luxurious – but which was also relaxed and understated, but as useful and beautiful as I could make it. I wanted to create a sanctuary from big fashion: somewhere for clothes you couldn’t find in any of the high street chains.

As a result the in house design team at Caramel create collections which mix European style with a classic English look. Combining luxury and practicality, Caramel Baby & Child is the destination store for mothers who want it all.

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