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Get in the spirit of Halloween and all things fancy dress, by shopping this special Ann Summers offer today. With £10 off selected fancy dress outfits, you can browse from enchanting witch costumes and sexy vampiress looks, to corsets and babydoll pieces. 

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End date: 22.10.2014

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If you are looking for saucy, vampish and irresistible underwear Ann Summers is where you want to go. The fancy, frilly, lacy underwear is not only sexy but it actually fits well too. And Ann Summers doesn’t just offer just lingerie, in store or online you can satisfy all your other bedroom needs too.

Known for their sex toys, including the famous rampant rabbit vibrator, Ann Summers is the destination to really get in touch with your naughty side. Play dress up with the naughty nurse, cheeky devil, French maid and many more of the sexy outfits. Or if you fancy a fun night in with the girls, then plan an Ann Summers shopping party!

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