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SalesGossip gives you early access to all the fashion and beauty promotions in-store and online

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Use our website and mobile app to find promotions on your favourite brands. We have over 1,300 for you to choose from.

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Tell us what brands you like and we’ll send you a personalised email alert whenever those brands have a promotion. You’ll be first in the queue to pick up the best products, in your size and in your favourite colour.

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Keep up-to-date with the styles that are hot right now on our fashion blog and visit our beauty blog for how-to instructions and the must-have products to keep you looking your beautiful selves!

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Our bargain-savvy team searches high and low so you can browse all the promotions on your desktop, tablet or mobile anytime you need some retail therapy. And for when you’re pounding the pavements, our SalesGossip Mobile App is your perfect secret weapon.

How it works

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SalesGossip covers all kinds of promotions, new collections and events from over 1,300 brands online and on the high street, from Zara and Mothercare, to Hackett, Harrods and Clarins, to name a few. Our mobile app is great for high street shoppers and everyone can read about the latest trends in the Style Journal, our combined fashion blog and beauty blog.

Want to know more about SalesGossip?

Read the story behind how SalesGossip started, find out who makes up the team and what it’s like to work here. We are always looking for bright new people to join the fast growing SG Team. If you are planning to apply make sure you mention if you can bake or cook, we have our own SG Masterchef!

Are you a brand or retailer?

SalesGossip enables you to reach your target customers throughout the year, from the launch of a collection to the end of the sale, increasing brand awareness while driving in-store footfall, online traffic and sales. See how we work with people like you, what we say and do in the industry and what people say about us…

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Hello journalists, editors, bloggers… we love it when you write about us! So for you, we have a special page. Visit our ‘media hub’ for background information, all our latest press releases, and to download images and biographies of our co-founders. Or get in touch with us for anything else you might need. We look forward to hearing from you!